A single integrated solution for all your business activities

Your data is centralized in a single database and a single application.
You do not need several different programs to manage different business needs.


Experience towards the interface

The product has been developed from experience and practical demands of users, and not by
technical figures who often have no contact with the business needs.


You own your data by your company.

Business Suite working is working your local company database.
We offer additional decentralized cloud backup solutions.


Navigation using the Flow Chart

Your different activities and processes can be complex. Do not worry, with the navigator
flow chart you always know where you are. The navigation flow chart is not fixed, you can design
and organize the flow chart as you need! This with a simple designer of course included in
the Business Suite.

Integrated email clientRead more

Are you using frequently emails for your business or activity? 
Loosing too much time to jump between your management and your email software?
BusinessSuite has a easy integrated e-mail client ! You can view, associate and send e-mails in
an direct way. Your e-mails concerning a client, or activity of a specific product are directly accessible with a single click.

Easy opportunities for growth and expansion

Use only the modules that you need, in the future you can add new increasingly integrated and
functionality related to your data.


Flexibility and customization

Business Suite is customizable in these following areas

Translations and text personalization
Field names, messages, headers, names of categories documents, categorizations, are all editable
by you through a simple included interface.

Reporting Read more
Business Suite has a report designer that lets you copy, create, and modify all the reports.
We can also prepare reports on the measure. We send you a report file type that you just load in the program.

Navigation with Flow Chart
You can copy, create, and modify your menu graphic flow chart. The different diagrams can
be assigned, with simple drag and drop to different roles of users.

Stock customizable fields
The stock offers a high degree of customization to the point rather as a resource management
that a trivial goods warehouse.

Custom interface Read more
Some forms have too many fields or you prefer another layout? No problem, Business Suite has a
editing mode where you can change the appearance of the form. You can also store the different layouts.
These can be assigned to different groups of users.

Custom data grids views
All the modules are equipped with search functions on all fields, filtering, selection of which columns you
want to have visible and grouping. How not to get lost in these customization's? Simple, save every
customization with a name of your choice.
For example, in invoices grid list you can filter only the group clients let say "main" in a region say "north".
Just save with "Clients region North" and the grid view is available immediately and added to the list views.

The relationship between modules is of course available. The billing creates a stock out movement, or maybe not,
depending on configuration (invoiced goods but not yet delivered, for example), each item or service has a
configuration of automatic accounting. The same for the module scan documents, they enter into accounting
automatically depending on the type of the scanned document.


Features, available modules


Positions management in stock

Invoicing Base

Invoicing Advanced, also suitable for POS terminals

Paperless Office, documents scanning


Multi-Currency (196 currencies)Read more

Cash Desks management 

Tasks of any kind, services, repairs, contracts, CRM, etc..

DWH DataWareHouse, Advanced reporting

User management


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