Integrated email client


Are you using frequently emails for your business or activity? 
Loosing too much time to jump between your management and your email software?


BusinessSuite has a easy integrated e-mail client ! You can view, associate and send e-mails in an direct way. Your e-mails concerning a client, or activity of a specific product are directly accessible with a single click. Select a product, or task or client and right-click "Show email", that's all!

The incoming e-mails can be directly associated simply by drag and drop, with your task, or product.

The module allows you to use different email accounts. It can work with servers using either POP3 or IMAP with or without encryption. If you work in a network with multiple workstations, only one application will download and update the mail for the entire internal network.

If you want  you can still use your favorite mail client program. Business Suite will store your mail in parallel way and integrate it to your business tasks, marketing or production.

If you send e-mails directly from BusinessSuite, for example with a gmail account, you will have the sended email also on the webmail page. This function depends on the configuration of outgoing mail service.